Kernel Upgrade

Kernel upgrade:

System needs to be on latest patch to avoid system level bugs.

login as <SID>adm Take backup of exe directory
cd /sapmnt/<SID>/
cp -R exe exe_old

Stop & start SAP
Stopsap all startsap all

Stop sap ,saposcol,listner
Stopsap all
su –sidadm saposcol –k
lsnrctl stop

Check SAP,DB,listener
ps -eaf |grep dw
ps -eaf | grep ora_
ps -eaf |grep listener

Check shared memory
login as <sid>adm
su - <sid>adm
cleanipc 00 –remove

Remove library memory
login as root user and then /usr/sbin/slibclean

upload SAPEXE.CAR and SAPEXEDB.CAR to /sapmnt/<sid>/exe
car –xvf

Set permission using root
su – root cd /sapmnt/<SAPSID>/exe
./saproot.sh <SAPSID>

Set permission of brarchive, brbackup, and brconnect to 4775

Start SAP,listener.

Post installation steps
R3trans –d
Kernel patch level disp+work -v | pg
tcode sick

Patch upgrade:
Kernel upgrade:
SAP notes 93086

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