Support Patch Upgrade (SPAM)

Patch upgrade:

System needs to be on latest patch to avoid functional bugs.
Calling SPAM
You can call Transaction SPAM in one of the following 2 ways:
Go to the SAP menu and choose Tools - ABAP Workbench – Utilities – Maintenance - Patches.
Enter the Transaction SPAM.

Load the Support Package
To import the newest SPAM update, choose Support _ Import SPAM update.
Operating System Command
Place the unpacked Support Packages in the EPS Inbox of your transport directory.
UNIX /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in

Define a queue
In Transaction SPAM and choose Display/define.
The Component selection dialog box appears.
The list of installed software components (for example, SAP_BASIS,SAP_HR,SAP_BW, Add-On) appears.
Select the relevant components. If the queue displayed is how you want it, you can copy and confirm the queue by choosing Confirm queue and leaving this window.
Import the queue
To choose the scenario you want, choose Extras _ Settings.
Choose the scenario.
Choose Support Package _ Import queue.

If necessary: Adjust modifications
Stop the import of the Support Package (F12). (SPAM resumes at the step RUN_SPDD or RUN_SPAU.)
So that your developers can perform the modification adjustment, go to the Transport Organizer and create a request that includes tasks for the developers.
Ask the developers to adjust the modifications for their objects.
adjust the objects.
Call Transaction SPAM.
Choose Support Package _ Import queue. SPAM prompts you again to adjust the modifications. As this has already been done, ignore this prompt and choose Continue.
Check logs
To display the logs, choose Goto _ Log _ Queue in the initial screen of SPAM.

Confirm the queue
Confirm the successful import of the Support Package in your system by choosing Support Package _ Confirm.

To know about phases in SPAM Click here


Patch upgrade:
Kernel upgrade:
SAP notes 93086

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