Creating Distribution List & Email Functionality

Sometimes we need to add multiple users for particular activity ( Say Spool Recipient in Background Job).
So for these kind of act, we need to create distribution list.
Here is detailed procedure which will let you know how to create distribution list in SAP.

Enter TCode: SBWP (SAP Business Workplace)

 Click "Distribution List"

Click on "Create" button.

Enter "Name" and "Title"

Click on "Create Folder"

Enter "Folder Name"

And Check below mentioned options.

Click check button.

Now select folder from here and click check.

Now go to "Dist. List Content" tab.

Select "Internet address" in Recip. List and check names of recipient as "cc"

After saving

At the end users list will appear.

Now this name can be used as "Distribution List".

The distribution list is created and can be used on the send screen, for example, or in other places in the SAP system where a specific user group has to be specified.

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