Average response time in sap (ST03N)

Ways to improve performance.
- do a response time breakup using ST03 statistics, to see which component is taking most time
- analyze your database I/O performance in ST04
- analyze top response time transactions in more detail (ST03, STAD)
- analyze top expensive SQL statements in more detail (ST04, ST03, EarlyWatch alert report)
- analyze CPU usage (ST06, OS07, OS dep. tools)
- analyze RAM usage and paging (ST06, OS07, OS dep tools)
- check whether your SAP memory parameters are OK (ST02)
- check whether DB parameters are OK (DB specific notes)

- create indexes according to SQL analysis
- let ABAP programmer take a look at heavy transactions and report (especially Z-code)
- increase CPU processing power
- increase server RAM
- adjust database parameters
- adjust SAP instance profile parameters

SAP benchmarks (www.sap.com/benchmark) use 1000ms as reference.
All hardware benchmarks have 1s response time.
Some organizations have set KPIs to response time values. Normal values are 500ms and 750ms

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