IDocs: Mass Deletion and Changing Status

Mass Change of SAP IDOC Status
From time to time it becomes necessary to change the status of SAP IDOCs in SAP. The most common scenario is the requirement to mark SAP IDOCs for deletion. There is no good way to mass mark IDOCs for deletion via the standard IDOC processing transaction BD87. However there is a program that will let you change status.
CAUTION: This program should be used with great care and consideration. Improper use of this program can result in data consistency issues. Make sure you know what you are deleting, why you are deleting it, and what is required to correctly update you system after deleting.

Example: Marking IDOCs for Deletion In Mass

It is pretty typical for support users to set the deletion flag on IDOCs that have been incorrectly created and have error. When there are a small number of IDOCs this is possible via transaction BD87.
An inbound IDOC in error will have the status 51, when it is marked for deletion it has a status of 68.
A view of the IDOCs to be deleted in WE05.


To mass delete IDOCs run the following program via SE38: RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS via the SAP Transaction: SE38


There are only a few parameters on the selection screen for this program. It is most important that you correctly restrict the IDOCs you select with this program. The program automatically defaults to marking inbound IDOCs in error for deletion.
To mass select IDOCs to be marked for deletion select: clip_image003

There are many options for selecting and restricting the IDOCs to Mass process. Select by single value or range. Restrict by single value or range.
The clip_image005allows you to upload a list of IDOCs from a text file.
The clip_image006allows you to apply a list from your clipboard.


Execute the program clip_image008

Check the status of the 3 IDOCs in WE05


Example: Changing IDOCs Status To Repost

It is also possible to use this program to reset an IDOC so that it can be reprocessed.


With the following selection we are going to reset the IDOCs with status 68 marked for deletion back to status 64 to try and reprocess them.
Execute the program clip_image008[1]

As you can see, program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS is very helpful, but please be careful when you use it!

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