Get Maintenance License from SAP Marketplace

To get maintenance license for your SAP system go to the SAP marketplace.
Log in to service.sap.com
Home à Keys and Request à License keys

Click select it from a list or search an installation. Here we are trying with select it from a list.

Now we can select installation no and product of installation to get maintenance license.

How to know installation no of your SAP system?

In the home page of your SAP system click System, then click status.

Match installation no from current system and marketplace and then proceed.

Now it will ask for the system. Click the desired system by analyzing its system no.

Check system no and hardware key from slicense tcode

After verifying that all information showing on screen is correct, then we will click continue

Now select hardware key of the system (find from slicense) and click display license script

A popup will come with your maintenance license.
Download it to PC and save it.

Apply it to SAP system using tcode slicense.

To find how to apply maintenance license to your SAP system click here.


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