Coping data and co files from local system to server using ftp

Coping data and cofiles from local system to server (in /usr/sap/trans/data and /usr/sap/trans/cofiles respectively) using ftp (file transfer protocol)

Note: Data file starts with "R" and cofile start with "K"

We have stored data and cofiles locally in C:>Tr directory.

We have to copy these files in one of the server at /usr/sap/trans path
Now to copy local file to server we need to do ftp from the location where the file is stored. Else we need to give the complete path during put

It will now prompt for <sid>adm user id and password.

After successful login it will show that user <sid>adm is logged in. Now set type to bin (binary)
Note: ftp>bin is mandatory. It converts all files to binary format.

ftp>prompt: If we don’t want system to prompt every time for yes/no before coping files we use prompt command. So in short we can say that we disabled the interactive mode.
If we are going to copy large number of files then ftp>prompt is more feasible.

At first we are coping data file in /usr/sap/trans/data directory.

Now we are coping cofiles in /usr/sap/trans/cofiles directory.

Exit from the ftp using bye command.

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